Tribute to the Greatest 60s Girl Groups

What buyers are saying:  

American Movie Classics
“You girls know how to attract a crowd!  Great show--it was a zany romp through the 60s with everyone’s favorite songs!”  - Joanne E. Day
California State Fair
“Wonderful performances!  Our fairgoers and the media loved your enthusiasm and audience interaction!  We‘ll see you again next year!” - Anne Steiger

 Palmdale Fall Festival, California
“The L.A. Party Dolls are an absolutely fabulous group! They bring the harmonies and the music of the sixties’ girl groups alive on stage, and the audience participation during the show is wonderful--it’s great entertainment!  Highly recommended” - Steve Buffalo

        The Los Angeles Party Dolls are BACK!
singing their favorite 60s music and putting their lost years behind them!

The Dolls have vowed to keep the Crystals, Chiffons, Shangri-Las, Angels, Supremes, Ronettes and Aretha's songs alive! The trio seems to be on track-until a ghost from their past shows up, revealing their most embarrassing secrets, intending to derail their one shot at musical redemption.

About the show:
Their passionate vocals, cheeky humor and beloved audience participation are mainstays of their show. GIRL POWER features live singing & choreographed dancing to multimedia video & audio.  Featuring the top hits of the 60s girl groups & Motown, the Los Angeles Party Dolls engage the audience with great music and visuals from the fabulous 60s!